How to Apply

Applications to the East Midlands Teacher Training Partnership are made through UCAS ITT.

You can apply for September 2018 courses from October 2017 and then throughout the year until the courses begin. We are both a Secondary and Primary school provider and you will be able to check the current status of all courses on the 'vacancies' tab for each subject. When places are full, a waiting list will be in operation and we will contact candidates should a place become available. 

Application Process

You will see from the UCAS information that there are two phases for applications:

Apply 1 - all applicants enter at this stage no matter when you apply and you may make up to three choices.

Apply 2 - one choice and application at a time.

If you are successful in Apply 1 you need do no more. If you are unsuccessful in Apply1 there is another opportunity to apply to schools by using the Apply 2 process.

Following the submission of an application through UCAS, it will be sent simultaniously to all chosen course providers who must then notify applicants of a decision within 40 working days. Candidates then have 10 working days from receipt of their last offer to accept one offer.

The Interview Process

Only high quality applications will lead to an interview. An application will be considered by both the Director and an Assistant Director of Initial Teacher Training to ensure candidates have the necessary qualifications and experience. We will consider the following aspects of applications before inviting candidates for interview:

  • The classification and relevance of a degree. We are happy to consider applicants with any classification of degree as history shows us that many oustanding teachers have begun their careers with lower classifications but then thrive in showing a sense of vocation, relevant life skills and a high capacity to learn. 
  • Pre and post-degree qualifications and their relevance for teaching subject areas.
  • The reasons and motivation for proposing to enter teaching - including prior experience in a teaching environment.

These factors will determine whether a candidate has the capability to meet the necessary Professional Teacher Standards to be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education through our partner The University of Nottingham

Shortlisted applicants will be notified directly in writing with a date for interview; usually seven days notice will be given of this. We will notify UCAS whether applications are successful within 40 working days and indicate if there are any conditions attached to an offer.