Course Overview


Science comes from curiosity about the world around us and how it works. It provides a framework and method by which we can explore and understand the universe. Evidence based enquiry is at the centre of the scientific method and this central core brings together the three main disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The Biology course offers trainees’ the chance to inspire this curiosity in the next generation, teaching both the knowledge and skills that combine to make Biology such a challenging and exciting subject. Trainees will have the opportunity to develop methods of teaching in all branches of science, will learn how to run effective and safe practical work and develop teaching beyond the classroom.

Trainees will be trained to teach all three sciences across the 11-16 range and specialise in Biology so that it can be developed in more depth - including at post 16. It is inevitable that some aspects of the subject will require further development in skills and knowledge but that will be addressed as part of the training plan throughout the year.