S E N D / Alternative Provision Settings

Brackenfield Special School, Long Eaton, Derbyshire.  


Brackenfield School

Brackenfield School is an area special school situated in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. Both boys and girls attend aged between 4 -16, which is Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 4. The school supports young people with special needs and learning difficulties. Such needs may include: autism, moderate to severe learning difficulties, social and emotional difficulties and speech, language and communication needs. There are approximately 70 pupils on the school roll.  






CP Riverside, Nottingham (Alternative Provision)

CP Riverside School is an Alternative Provision School situdated in Nottingham. 





TLG Education Centre (Nottingham)

TLG Education Centre is a network of independent schools across the UK who support young people aged 11-16 who are at crisis in their educational experience. The small size of their schools and the high staff to studnet ratios enable them to invest dedicated time and support to help individuals grow in confidence and reach their full potential.