What current and former trainees' have to say about us ......

Maths Trainee 2016/17 - Teacher of Maths, Arnold Hill School.

I decided I wanted a career in teaching whilst doing my MSci in Physics (with theoretical astrophysics) at the University of Nottingham and decided to apply to the EMTTP. As soonas I got to the West Bridgford School for my interview, I knew I had applied to the right school and to the right SCITT provider. The staff were professional but friendly. It was obvious that they were curious about me and wanted to know me rather than just test me. The entire interview day was really enjoyable as I felt it had been carefully designed to get the best out of me.

I particularly liked the fact that it wasn't just the people in charge of the SCITT, but the school community as a whole who were involved in the selection process: the head of Maths was present during all phases of the interview, I was given the chance to chat to two students who showed me around the school and I believe the students' opinion about me was also taken into account in the decision to make an offer.

The actual interview part was more a conversation than a series of questions and answers, which made it interesting, informative and not at all stressful. I completed my teaching placements at the West Bridgford School and Kimberley School and I am now employed as a Maths teacher at Arnold Hill School. I couldn't be happier to have chosen EMTTP as my SCITT provider.

Trainee teacher 2015/16 - Teacher of History, West Bridgford School.


I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. My mum and dad used to tell me that I'd line my toys and sister up to take registers and teach them Disney facts: Interestingly, I now sometimes forget to take my register with real students! As much as I love reading and generally being in a classroom, I knew that a straight PGCE at the end of my degree was not an option for me. I needed to learn in an environment which fully immersed me in the life of a teacher and the EMTTP SCITT presented me with that option. Not only would I learn on the job, but I would also be given the opportunity to gain a PGCE as EMTTP has The University of Nottingham as a partner - really it was the best of both worlds.

I undertook my main placements at The West Bridgford School, where I am now employed and completing my NQT year. Straight away everyone was polite, friendly and really wanted me to do the best possible job in my training year. It wasn't a surprise to me that the whole school community was involved in the training of teachers. Even on my interview day I immediately got the vibe that students were at the centre of the selection process and, thus, were at the centre of the whole training course.

Picking EMTTP SCITT was the best decision I've made in a long time. I've made lasting friendships, learned valuable life lessons and it has provided me with the foundation to go on and become, as some people have described me as, an 'outstanding teacher'.  

Trainee teacher 2015/16 - Teacher of Citizenship, West Bridgford School

Upon starting my first teaching placement at The West Bridgford School, I immediately felt welcomed as part of the team, not only within my department but by the wider school staff. The training that mentors received is clearly evident in the level of support I was given by my own mentor.

During the training year, all the trainees met frequently at a variety of training sessions to assist our own professional development. There was, and still is, an online platform where trainees can open up discussions on various topics, either from training sessions or about classroom experience. I secured a teaching position at The West Bridgford School at the end of my training year and am now really enjoying being a qualified teacher of Citizenship.

Yr 3 Teacher and CPD leader, Heymann Primary School


I was very fortunate to be placed at Heymann Primary School during my last placement as part of my PGCE and even more so when completing my NQT year. I was immediately made to feel part of a team and provided with many opportunities to develop my skills as a reflective practitioner. For the 3 months of my training, I was supported by all the staff at the school. It was their hard work and commitment to training young teachers; support meetings after school; constructive advice and informal observations that gave me a solid foundation on which to become a successful teacher.  

Throughout my year as an NQT, I was provided with further opportunities to develop and improve, through observing outstanding teaching to excellent CPD. I have no doubt that the constant support and specific training received from the staff at Heymann Primary School inspired me to mentor other students and has made me the teacher I am today.  

Teacher of Maths, West Bridgford School

“I trained via the GTP route and was fortunate to be placed at The West Bridgford School for nine months of the training period.  During this time I was able to develop my skills as a teacher though excellent departmental support, especially from my Subject Mentor.  Weekly meetings with my School Based Tutor complimented subject specific training and helped develop my wider professional skills.  A phased timetable of increasing teaching time really helped develop confidence and was excellent preparation for the demands of the NQT year.”

Head of girls PE, West Bridgford School


I did my years GTP training at The West Bridgford School. From day one I was welcomed into the department and made to feel a part of the team. I was mentored in a way that was extremely supportive but at the same time I was allowed to learn from my own mistakes. The WBS PE department has many outstanding teachers and I found it extremely helpful to be able to observe all of their unique teaching styles and then take parts to create a teaching style suitable to my personality.

The rest of the school from the head teacher and SLT team to reprographics, IT staff and other teachers were very welcoming and nothing was ever too much trouble. I literally felt that I could ask anyone for help and guidance. I found the meetings put on for trainee staff very helpful and they allowed me to build a good portfolio of evidence. The pupils at WBS are great too, and extremely talented which inspired me to think outside of the box, making my lessons challenging and exciting. I felt very confident going into my NQT year at another school and flew through this year without any issues. I have since returned to The WBS as Head of Girls PE and I couldn't be happier. The training and support inspired me to be the teacher I am today and I now mentor other student teachers.